TMJ Treatment - Chelmsford, MA

Surgery-Free Jaw Pain Relief


Preserving Your Oral Health with Occlusal Appliance Therapy

When you come for a TMJ consultation, our team will discuss your symptoms and assess your jaw joint health through a clinical examination and advanced digital imaging. This allows us to gain a complete understanding of the condition of your joints and any impact TMJ issues may be having on your oral health. Since habitual teeth grinding is the root cause of many cases of TMJ disorders, the most common form of TMJ treatment we offer is oral occlusal therapy. With this non-surgical approach, we create a customized, removable nightguard, or similar appliance to correct your specific bite issues. You wear these appliances whenever teeth grinding typically occurs, slipping them comfortably over your upper or lower arches. This protects your teeth from the detrimental effects of grinding and keeps your jaw joints in an unstressed, comfortable position.


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