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Dental implant patient reviewing procedure options

Why Should I Consider A Dental Implant To Replace My Missing Tooth?

By Chelmsford Dental Group | April 23, 2022

  If you have missing teeth, there are a few cosmetic and functional restorations available to bring back your smile. Two popular restoration options for missing teeth in Chelmsford, MA are dental bridges and dental implants! Both improve esthetics, oral health, and oral function. Each has distinct differences in durability, length of procedure, cost, and…

dental patient smiling and looking at veneer options

Porcelain Veneers: Noticeable Cosmetic Improvement With One Treatment

By Chelmsford Dental Group | April 12, 2022

Are you currently experiencing crooked or misaligned teeth? There’s no denying the impact having a less than stellar looking smile can have on your overall look and confidence. As such, you may be interested in dental options that can remedy this issue. A dentist in Chelmsford, MA can assist you in finding the best option…

elderly couple eating with their new dental implants

For Oral Health Month, Consider Improving Your Health With Dental Implants!

By Chelmsford Dental Group | March 30, 2022

Dealing with missing or damaged teeth can surely be disappointing and even affect tooth function and quality of life. This issue can also negatively impact your smile, and even self-confidence, which is certainly no fun. Fortunately, a dentist can assist you in solving this issue and get a new smile on that lovely face in…

elderly couple smiling after their dental implant procedure

For National False Teeth Day, Get Yourself Dental Implants Instead!

By Chelmsford Dental Group | March 10, 2022

Tooth loss can occur for many different reasons – including advanced periodontal disease and trauma. Believe it or not, if you suffer from tooth loss you’re not alone. With over 178 million affected, tooth loss is extremely common among U.S. adults. But What Are Your Options? While dentures were the preferred method of replacing missing…

Dental Patient Suffering From Dental Pain In A Dental Chair

How Painful Is It to Get Dental Implants?

By Chelmsford Dental Group | February 23, 2022

Do you have a low tolerance for pain? Are you scared to correct your teeth because of the pain that may come from it? Have you heard horror stories about the pain that comes from dental implants? Well, everyone’s experience is different. You may or may not experience pain when it comes to dental implants.…

Dental Patient Smiling With Her Dental Implants

Smile Confidently with Your Brand New Dental Implants!

By Chelmsford Dental Group | February 10, 2022

Has your confidence level decreased since you are not able to smile because of missing teeth? Are you embarrassed because you have holes in your mouth? Are you ready to smile bigger and brighter than ever before? Have you heard of dental implants in Chelmsford, MA? A dentist is willing and ready to discuss dental…

Bone Cutaway Showing A Dental Implant Screw Model

Five Dental Implant Myths, Debunked!

By Chelmsford Dental Group | January 25, 2022

Are you seeking options to replace one or more missing teeth, but you are nervous because of the myths that you have heard about dental implants? A dentist in Chelmsford, MA can assist with choosing the perfect tooth or teeth replacement options for you. To aid in your decision making, listed below are 5 myths…

Dental Patient Being Shown A Dental Implant Model During A Consultation

How Many Days Does It Take To Implant A Tooth?

By Chelmsford Dental Group | January 9, 2022

If you are experiencing tooth loss due to decay or trauma, you may be interested in replacing them. A great option to do so is with dental implants. For your convenience, dental implants can often be placed within the same day as your visit to a dentist in Chelmsford, MA. Dental implants are colored to…

Two Dental Implant Patients Smiling Together

How Do You Care For Your Dental Implants?

By Chelmsford Dental Group | December 15, 2021

After receiving dental implants in Chelmsford, MA, you’ll want to take care of your investment. Once they have been surgically placed by a trained professional, dental implants can last you a lifetime. However, you still need to take a few steps to ensure that your implants — and mouth in general — stay healthy.  …

Questioning Dental Patient Wondering If She Should Get Dental Implants Or Dentures

What Should I Get, Full Arch Dental Implants Or Dentures?

By Chelmsford Dental Group | December 4, 2021

You may be missing all the teeth in your upper or lower jaw. Nevertheless, you have options when it comes to restoring your smile in Chelmsford, MA. Many adults work with their dental providers to decide whether removable dentures or full-arch dental implants make more sense. Below are some questions to ask yourself to help…